DrawChange Recap


We are thrilled to announce a $1,000 donation to DrawChange! We worked with 3 amazing artists - Nyree Morrison, Chamchowder, and Emma Maris - to produce a line of soft goods and skateboards, all benefitting this incredible organization.

*Items are now on-sale in our shop, and a later donation will be made once all inventory is cleared.

Now in its 11th year, DrawChange has touched thousands of children’s lives across the continental US and in communities across Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Puerto Rico. Its founder, Jennie Lobato, left her corporate ad job to pursue something that more closely aligned with the passions she had as a kid:

“As a child, I sought refuge in art. It was my outlet—a way to cope with life’s stresses. My aim, as founder and CEO of drawchange, is to provide vulnerable children with the same opportunities to be inspired and transformed. I want to empower children to channel their creativity to manage their current circumstances, to show them they can attain anything imaginable, and to allow them to escape to anywhere they want to go. It’s difficult to soar above your current circumstances if you can’t even imagine life’s endless possibilities!”

The local chapter of DrawChange services Atlanta’s poorest and most vulnerable children by bringing art into their daily lives, encouraging them to be creative, and serving as a break in their cycle of poverty. It has 7 core competencies that drive its mission to deliver impact to children.

  • Imagination
  • Collaboration
  • Empowerment
  • Dream-Building
  • Self-Esteem
  • Creation
  • Stress Relief

“One major element of our core curriculum is Imagination. Recycled materials, such as paper scraps, magazine cut-outs, or repurposed cardboard, make for perfect materials for young children to tap into their imaginations and create something out of very little. Considering the circumstances of the children we work with, it could be quite difficult for a young child, who may be transient, to keep up with property such as a canvas or large sculpture.”

These are the main tenets of the “DrawChange Blueprint”, a system designed by Jennie to guide other community leaders, teachers or volunteers through art-therapy based curriculums, volunteer handbook and training resources, art supplies, management tips, and step-by-step video instructions. Thanks to this blueprint, DrawChange has created a far-reaching impact for thousands of children spanning the globe.

Due to COVID-19, many of DrawChange’s in-person activities were temporarily suspended to reduce the risk of transmission on-site or bringing the virus home. A drive was started to collect encouraging cards from around the city, to brighten the days of the children in the program. We heard of this and instantly realized our potential to tap into our own networks, spanning our four cities, and bolster the DrawChange initiative in our own way. Over the next week, we created our own cards, rallied our friends and family, and galvanized enough interest to collectively send around 70 cards to be circulated by DrawChange to the children.

Cards and Photos by our friends in Chicago, Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles. Thanks to all involved in our latest push :)

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