India Tour 2019


Giving Room heads east

In the last weeks of March, the Giving Room team will be traveling back to India, on another philanthropic skateboarding excursion. Like last year, the team will head to various cities, dropping off boards, shirts, shoes, hardware and soft goods alike for the growing skateboarding scene in India. Starting our journey south and eventually heading north, we will visit our friends who are working hard to provide space for children and young adults to practice and understand the world of skateboarding- a skill and attitude that may manifest itself for life.  





How you can help:

Giving Room would be more than happy to extend your helping hand into the world of these individuals. Along with the gear that we are producing and handing over, we will gladly take any new/lightly used skateboarding hardware such as trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, anything. Likewise, most of the children we met are skating in sandals or completely barefoot. Any childrens shoes, flat soled, and lightly used would also be super appreciated. If you have any other questions or inquiries, please reach out at: or check out our GoFundMe.

With this trip we have made a shirt and skateboard to facilitate some of this fundraising. Proceeds from this new Giving Room gear will be used to provide new skateboards, hardware, clothing and food for the kids and young adults we visit on our trip. They will be available on Thursday, February 28th, at 11:00am EST.

Check out the lookbook, here.
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