Pebble Beach Pickup


Pebble Beach is an abandoned piece of land turned DIY skatepark located in East Atlanta, GA. While the spot has facilitated the progression of countless skateboarders across Georgia, it has also become a known site for many outside the skateboard community to dump waste. On Saturday January 26th, Giving Room teamed up with Seven Ply Supply along with a few other Atlanta skate shops to organize a community wide pickup.  At high noon a crowd of around 80 people gathered at the beach an began sifting through the waste, separating out plastics and aluminum along with hauling old mattresses, couches, etc. to the dumpster set up for the event. By 2 pm, all the recycleables had been separated out and dumpsters were filled, which gave us more than enough time to set up permanent trash infrastructure and host the Garbage Can Skate Jam.  We wrapped up the event with free pizza and an award ceremony for "Most Helpful" and "Best Trick" over an Atlanta garbage can.  Some big tricks went down, but even bigger impacts on the environment were made.





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